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Brand Introduction
Azoteq was founded by Dr. Bruwer Frederick in South Africa in 1998, is a focus on capacitive touch technology and intelligent control technology LED semiconductor design and manufacturing company, the core team is composed of technical experts and well-known manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region and the background of the industry elite. Azoteq has LED intelligent lighting control technology in the world and the capacitive sensing a new generation of user interface and touch solutions, through nearly ten years of continuous efforts and innovation, the company has overcome technical challenges still facing many peers, all products have strong anti-interference ability and be influenced by the outside world, the induction distance (and adjustable), high precision of recognition, provides a capacitive proximity sensing and touch switch solutions, non ITO type touch screen /3D touch screen solutions, and penetrate the metal capacitive touch panel LED switch and intelligent solutions, the industry to "The world leader in Proximity and Touch'the title.
Product Series
LED, capacitive switches, touch sensors
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting electronics
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