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Brand Introduction
Since its establishment in 1973, Japan Maru has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of electronic ceramic materials and related electronic components. With years of experience in materials, technology and manufacturing technology, the products developed and manufactured have world-class competition in many fields. Products are mainly divided into: electronic ceramic products, high-frequency components, EMC components, mechanical components of the four categories. The company has in the Tokyo stock market in Japan 1 and London stock markets, Singapore securities market. Production of electronic ceramic materials has become a world-class electronic components and electronic ceramic materials manufacturers specializing in the production of pills and accounted for nearly 50% of the market share in the world, mainly used in microwave dielectric ceramic substrates, ceramic capacitors, etc.. Another pill and attention to development and production of thermistors, power inductor, high voltage ceramic capacitor, three terminal capacitor, VCO (air pressure oscillator) products. Because the pill and starting from the production of raw materials, so it is good to control the quality of products, products with high reliability, high consistency etc..
Product Series
Power inductors, EMI filters, SMD magnetic beads, ceramic capacitors, round plate capacitors, voltage controlled oscillators, band filters, LED modules, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / networks
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