This is a great video for people who were looking for a reason to never go in the ocean ever again. Not just a (Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program).Download on Flickr Common Names: Clearnose Skate Latin Name: Raja eglanteria Family: Rajidae Identification: Dorsum grey/tan or mottled tan and brown with irregular dark spots and lines. I am not sure of the species, but a skate seems more probable. “Don’t know. LOT OF 5 Pair VINTAGE DUTCH WOODEN ICE SKATES FROM HOLLAND, RANDOMLY SELECTED. View top-quality stock photos of Woman Holding A Mermaids Purse Or Clearnose Skate Egg Casing. East Coast Skate: Barndoor Skate, Clearnose Skate, Little Skate, Winter Skate, Thorny Skate Pacific Coast Skate: Big Skate, California Skate, Longnose Skate . The clearnose skate (Raja eglanteria) is species of cartilaginous fish in the family Rajidae. ANTIQUE 1800'S WOOD ICE SKATES W/ HAND FORGED, CURL FRONT BLADES & LEATHER STRAP. In turn they are preyed upon by various larger sharks. $13.30 shipping. They are sexually dimorphic with males having sharper teeth than females. field guide possible. var sc_invisible=1; Shark Shark & Ray Field Guide   Fish caught from coastal waters off Tampa, Florida, December 2013. Single mid-dorsal ridge of large spines/denticles. Her footage clocked up millions of views on TikTok, where viewers shared Vorobok’s surprise. WInter Skate. google_ad_height = 600; //-->. //-->, SharkPictures   A clearnose skate resides in an aquarium at the Calvert Marine Museum in Calvert County, Md., on May 7, 2017. Disc brownish with dark brown bars, streaks, and some spots dorsally and whitish ventrally. A common skate species of the Eastern Atlantic ranging from New England to Florida. The post was viewed more than 15 million times and received thousands of comments from users, many of whom were just as stunned as the people who got it. applicable. To license these images of Raja eglanteria, please email Elasmodiver with as much information about your intended usage as possible. R. eglanteria is also known by other common names such as the brier skate and summer skate. A clearnose skate (Raja eglanteria) uses a unique adaptation of its pelvic fins to "walk" along its benthic environment. They are not targeted commercially due to their small size but are caught with some frequency by otter trawls. commercial licensing. PAGE PLEASE SHARE IT Share,